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Has The Huffington Post

Stopped Huffing?

As the Republican Party nomination contest starts to settle in on two or three candidates, with Donald Trump still the runaway leader, the Huffington Post seems at last to have realized that Trump is a serious contender in this presidential race.

huffington post stupid notice about Donald Trump

The Huffington Post’s notice about coverage of Donald Trump’s presidential election campaign. How stupid do they feel now?

The Huffers have been a bit slow off the mark. In fact they came joint last along with the GOP elite.

It was all because some idiot Huffer thought they were being very clever when they pronounced that, “The Donald would only appear on their entertainment pages because he was just “a side-show” and they were not going to “take the bait.”

Stupid or what?

But caught out by that piece of idiocy, the Huffers stayed up on their high horse, not big enough to admit their mistake.

Until now.


Politics Page

In recent weeks a change has been detected. The Huffers have done several articles about Trump. And they didn’t put them on their “entertainment page” but right up there on their serious “politics page”.


Arianna Huffington               Donald Trump

The first was about Trump’s proposal that America should start charging its allies for our military defense services. In other words that we shouldn’t continue to defend our rich friends for free.

It is a policy with which the vast majority of Americans agree. Strangely though, it is also a policy with which most of the rest of the Republican Party’s presidential candidates don’t go along with, insisting instead that Washington do more on behalf of its allies.

Another article was a comparison between Donald Trump and Chris Christie.

And now the Huffers have even gone so far as to recognize that Donald Trump is a serious candidate and the serious leader of the national opinion polls.


Trump Leads The Nation

2016 National Republican Primary Polls HuffPost PollsterIndeed in the Huffington Post’s latest poll of national polls, they show Trump up 5 points since the November 13 Paris terror attack, with 35 percent support. A massive 21 points ahead of his nearest rival, Ben Carson, who is down 5 points, from 19 percent support to just 14 percent.

Way, way behind in third position is Rubio with 13 percent, followed closely by Cruz with 11 percent.

Another remarkable achievement for Donald Trump because he has done all this in spite of a hate ad campaign by members of his own Party and, of course, the continued media bias against him.


From Huffing To Slithering

So has the Huff stopped huffing?

trump arms outstretchedTheir credibility in political matters has taken a severe beating, but I don’t think they have the humility or good manners to issue either a retraction or apology.

That leaves them the choice of quietly slithering back into reality or continuing to huff and ignore their next President.

Based on that, a bit of slithering may well be in order.




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