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The War Is On

Unfortunately the title of this Trump Report does not refer to the war against ISIS, or even against the Democrats.

This is the war that the Republican elite are determined to wage on one of their own candidates, Donald Trump.

Trump with PledgeIt is stupid.

It is unnecessary.

It is uncalled for.

And, if they are successful, it will ruin the best chance the Republican Party has of winning the presidency and starting to repair the damage that years of Obama rule has done to America.


They’d Rather Lose

But they don’t care about that. They would rather lose the election and destroy their country rather than lose their grip on what they think is their birthright to power.

Initially they hoped that by this time in the presidential campaign Trump would have faded away all on his own. But as time passes he is only getting stronger. His support is solidifying and his campaign is gaining momentum. In the polls in every state and nationally he is by far the most popular candidate.

rubio and bush the establishment men

Rubio and Bush – “the establishment men”

The elite had also hoped that their “establishment men”, Bush and Rubio, could catch Trump. But both have failed to do so, Bush spectacularly so. Even with the other establishment candidates there to help Jeb along, he still couldn’t get his campaign act together.

Now a lot of their effort is being put into Rubio. But his pro amnesty position for illegal immigrants has hurt his popularity badly, even in his own state of Florida. Now the establishment is wondering if they’ve backed another loser.

If they have – and it looks increasingly like it as Ted Cruz, er… cruises past Rubio in many of the most recent polls and matches or betters him in the televised debates – then the war that has already been going on quietly in the background is going to escalate big time!


Dirty Tricks

The GOP establishment is going to use every trick they can think of, including some very dirty ones, to try to stop Donald Trump from winning the nomination.

Some of the big money donors, who like to have a bought-and-paid-for President in their pocket, are pooling their resources in a renewed effort to destroy Donald Trump and keep one of their establishment men as the front-runner for the nomination.

donating to politicians requires paybackOne of these groups, the “Club for Growth”, which is a Political Action Committee (PAC) that supports amnesty, H1B visa growth programs, ObamaCare and the anti-American Trans-Pacific Trade Deal and has deep connections to Goldman Sachs and former banking executives, has already made an attack on Donald Trump.

From September 1st through September 30th the Club For Growth spent $3.3 million on attack ads against Donald Trump mainly in the state of Iowa accusing Trump of being a “false conservative”. They targeted Iowa because it is the first state to hold an electoral caucus.

For a couple of days the ads seemed to be working as Ben Carson took a temporary lead in an Iowa poll. Then Trump replied in the most effective way, by surging back to the top of the polls.

One of Trump’s attorneys, Alan Garten, also wrote to the Club for Growth, “Rest assured we will not sit idly by and allow special interest groups and political action committees like yours to defame Mr. Trump and cause damage to his reputation and business interests by intentionally disseminating libelous statements you fully know to be untrue and, even worse, continue to purposely mislead the American people for your own financial gain.”


“Defeat And Destroy”

Another super PAC that, for reasons best known to it, supports the ass Kasich has also paid for ads in New Hampshire attacking Donald Trump. But like Kasich’s presidential campaign, the ads were so bad that no one paid any attention to them.

Now the most recent plan to attack Trump is being led by a group called “Trump Card LLC” which is run by Liz Mair, former communications official for the Republican National Committee.

This group’s goal is to collect money from anonymous donors to “defeat and destroy” Trump. It also wants $250,000 from the other GOP presidential campaigns to run anti-Trump TV, radio and web ads and to pitch opposition research to local stations in early-voting states – in other words to try to subvert the democratic process.

Donors supporting the two key establishment men, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, have contributed funds for the attacks on Trump.


Excuses Versus The Truth

The public excuse being offered by the Republican establishment and GOP donors is that they have convinced themselves that the party will lose the general election if Trump wins the nomination, because his comments and views are alienating Hispanic and black voters.

They have little or no evidence for that view.

In any case it is just an excuse.

The REAL reason they want Trump out of the race is that there is a very good chance he will win and they don’t want a President in the White House that their money can’t buy.

Donald Trump has already shown that he is a good fighter. He has also proved that any attacks on him invariably backfire on the people doing the attacking. Where are Perry, Walker and Jindal for example? Or how well are Bush and Kasich doing in the polls?

voters v gop cartoonThere is still a long way to go in this election race and there will be many casualties along the way. Let us hope that democracy is not one of them.

To ensure that it isn’t please register and vote and encourage your family and friends to do likewise. Help Donald Trump to make America great again.




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