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Why Do The Elite Hate Trump?

One would have imagined that a successful multi-billionaire like Donald Trump would have been one of the elite. But he is not. He has much more in common with the ordinary people.

Donald Trump private jetYes, he has mansions, private jets, helicopters and yachts, all the usual toys of the very, very rich. But to his great credit, Trump still has an empathy with the ordinary American people and he is voicing their concerns about what is happening to their country.

As a result, the Republican Party elite hate Donald Trump.

They hate him because they are afraid of him.

They are afraid of him because Trump tells the truth.

They are afraid that by telling the truth Trump will alienate “every” Hispanic and/or “every” black voter with his non politically correct comments.

The elite just don’t understand that it doesn’t work that way. They have no idea what Hispanics, blacks or even their own core Caucasian conservative supporters want to hear.

Sure, there are always loud mouth groups from any minority who make a lot of noise but who in truth don’t represent many people.


Respect For Honesty

But among the vast majority of people, no matter what ethnic group they come from, there is respect for someone who is honest and forthright and tells it how it is. Sometimes we don’t like what we hear, but we can still respect it.

The worst thing that you can do to anyone is patronize them and that is all the elite know how to do.

Donald Trump btIn the long run Trump will get much more respect from these groups by telling them the truth rather than following the Republican elite’s way, which is pretending to be concerned and telling them lies. They do it to their own Party supporters too, so it’s no surprise.

As has been noted in other Trump Reports, illegal immigrants don’t live in Beverley Hills or in the mansions of Manhattan or the Hamptons along with the elite. They live mostly in blue-collar neighborhoods. And those are the areas that suffer the brunt of crimes committed by illegal immigrants. Those who are here legally have more reason to see an end to unregulated immigration that anyone.


Sleaze And Corruption

More successfully than anyone else, Donald Trump is tapping into a deep popular unease about the moral and intellectual sleaziness of the ruling elite. Although she did not mean to, Hillary Clinton has given everyone a very timely reminder of that sleaze and corruption.

GOP-TrumpedUnlike any Republican candidate in recent years, Donald Trump has smashed through the lies and deceit. He isn’t playing by the rules. He isn’t suppressing the truth the way the career politicians and the “establishment men” have done for years. He isn’t hiding the issues that are important to the ordinary people. And he isn’t pretending that all is well when everyone can clearly see that it isn’t.

This is why Donald Trump is top of most polls, why he attracts thousands to his rallies and why he is genuinely popular among the ordinary people.

Trump is the champion of the silent majority, who thanks to him are not so silent anymore.

This is why the elite hate Trump.




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