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NBC Poll Agrees:

Trump Is #1

The latest nationwide NBC News/SurveyMonkey online poll, of 5,775 adults, including 2,440 Republican and Republican-leaning voters, conducted from November 15-17, 2015, shows Donald Trump still well ahead of the rest of the pack, with 28 percent support.

Ten points behind, in second position with 18 percent is Ted Cruz, tied with Ben Carson who has dropped 8 points since last month’s online poll, when he was running close to Trump.

In third place, 17 points behind Trump and 7 points behind Cruz and Carson, is Marco Rubio with 11 percent.

The rest are all in single digit territory, including Jeb Bush who is languishing with only 4 percent. A point below him are Christie and Fiorina both with 3 percent.

nbcnews poll results nov 15

The results of this NBC poll are in line with the latest New Hampshire polls discussed in a recent Trump Report (if you missed it click here.

They also showed Donald Trump firmly in the lead and Carson, Bush and Fiorina the big losers.

Ted Cruz does better in this NBC poll, possibly again reflecting good performances in the last two TV debates and the fact that he may have taken a proportion of votes formerly going to Carson.

Indeed, Carson in particular has seen his backing decline among both men and women, and their vote preferences are now being diverted to other candidates. He is still the preferred candidate of white evangelicals (with 25 percent), but very close behind him are Donald Trump (with 23 percent) and Ted Cruz (with 22 percent).

Donald Trump rarSo, nationwide and state polls are agreed. Trump is still the number one preferred candidate among Republican voters and leaners.

Recent events and his strong and decisive response to them will only have helped to enhance his voter appeal even further.


For those interested in reading the full NBC News/SurveyMonkey online poll results please click here.




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