The Trump Report – Deserving Of A Medal?

Deserving Of A Medal? The Constitutional Right PAC, is an organization devoted to protecting freedom in America. It has recently launched what it called the “END JEB 2016” campaign. They hold the view that “Jeb Bush is an establishment politician, … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – National Poll, Local Poll, Trump Tops Every Poll

Trump Tops Every Poll In a USA Today/Suffolk University poll released yesterday (Wednesday, September 30) Donald Trump maintains his position as the number one GOP presidential contender – and by a double digit margin. In this latest poll of 1,000 … Continue reading →

The Trump Report – A Timely Warning From Trump

A Timely Warning From Trump As President Obama prepares to damage America still further, this time by throwing America’s borders even wider open to let in hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria, Donald Trump has issued a timely warning. … Continue reading →