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Trump Tops Two More Polls

Before the CNBC debate the media was full of stories that Donald Trump was no longer the front-runner. Well, turns out that the liberal media who reported such stories with the greatest of glee, are in for another disappointment. They were wrong!

In the latest IBD/TIPP poll of 402 registered and Republican-leaning voters, Donald Trump has re-emerged at the top of the Republican field.

IBD-TIPP Poll Results chart Oct15Support for Trump among registered Republicans and those leaning Republican is 28%. Support for Carson is 23%. Last month’s poll had Carson up by 7 points over Trump.

Marco Rubio comes in third at 11%, the same as last month, with all the other GOP candidates failing to reach double digits.

Ted Cruz held steady at 6%.┬áBut support for Jeb Bush dropped two points to 6% and Carly Fiorina’s numbers collapsed, going down from 9 percent last month to only 3 percent this month.


On The Issues

On the issues, the IBD/TIPP poll also found that 45 percent of respondents said the economy and jobs will have the greatest impact on their choice of candidate. Healthcare came in second at 18 percent, followed by national security at 17 percent and foreign policy 11 percent.

Surprisingly, the issue that has largely been responsible for Trump’s emergence as the leading candidate, namely illegal immigration, was the top priority of only 5 percent.



Economist/YouGov National Poll

In another poll, this time the Economist/YouGov national poll of 2,000 adults, taken between Friday and Tuesday past, Donald Trump is at 32 percent, leading the entire GOP field by a massive 14 percent.

Preferred GOP presidential nominee Economist-YouGov Oct-27Ben Carson is in second place with 18 percent. Marco Rubio third with 11 percent. With Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz joint fourth with 8 percent each.

Next comes John Kasich and Rand Paul on 4 percent each, Carly Fiorina with 3 percent, and Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee on 2 percent each.

The rest of the field registered 1 percent or less.


Never Write Trump Off

Try as they may to write Trump off, which the liberal media has been doing since he entered the race, he continues to defy them.

Donald J TrumpOr rather, the American people continue to defy them, because it they who are saying that Donald Trump is the man they wish to see as the Republican nominee and the next President of the United States.

When the people speak with such a loud and consistent voice it would be a very foolish man who would try to deny them.




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