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One Final Piece Of Collusion

John Boehner seems intent on ending his miserable reign as House Speaker by once again licking the boots of President Obama.

Debt-CeilingBoehner, working directly with Obama and his staffers, agreed a deal with Congressional leaders that will again increase America’s debt borrowing limit, with no end to the spending in sight. It lifts budget caps on both defense and domestic programs.

The deal would avoid a potential debt default on November 3, and it would reduce the chances of a government shutdown on December 11. But it is nothing less than another climb-down and surrender to Obama’s demands.

The two-year budget deal easily passed in the Senate today by 64 votes to 35, an almost 2:1 margin. It now waits for Barack Obama’s signature, which obviously it will get since it gives him everything he wanted.


Behind Closed Doors

r-DEBT-CEILING-DEAL Obama BoehnerBoehner was not alone in helping Obama out once again. He had the help of fellow RINO, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and, naturally enough, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid.

The same cosy bipartizan behind closed doors collusion that has helped to make America one of the most debt-ridden nations in the history of the world.

To their credit both Ted Cruz and Rand Paul took time off their respective campaign trails to oppose the Senate vote. But they were let down by many others in the Republican Party.

canfield-edit-mccainRINO Sen. John McCain, for example, was quick to support the deal, even though it is $5 billion short on defense funding in 2016 and more than that in 2017.

His reason for doing so was even more pathetic. He said “I think it is saleable,” meaning he and others will cloud all the important issues so that they can con the people once again.


Washington District Of Corruption

Conservatives in both chambers criticized the deal both because it was hatched behind closed doors rather than through the committee process and because they argued it is bad policy. Many complained that the provisions in the bill that are used to offset the cost of the new spending are gimmicks or promise savings in the future for money the government will spend immediately. They labeled the debt increase deal as, “..emblematic of five years of failed leadership.”

Trump 2016 Make America Great AgainBut with the RINOs and the Democrats working together it passed anyway.

Just another reason, if you needed one, to elect a non-career politician like Donald Trump as your next President.

It is time all the collusion and corruption at Washington were brought to an end.




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