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Trump Wins Again

Over 1,500 registered Republicans from across the United States were polled on the CNBC debate on Wednesday night. They were asked, “Who do you think won the debate?”

politifact-photos-Rubio_Trump_CarsonThey picked Donald Trump as the winner with 26.7 percent of the vote.

In second place was Marco Rubio, with 21.1 percent. And, after what was easily his best performance in any of the debates, Ted Cruz finished in third place with 17.3 percent of the vote.



In another related question, those polled were also  asked, “Who to you think lost the debate?”

jeb bush lrThis time the voters responded by putting Jeb Bush on top with 26.2 percent of the vote, closely followed by Senator Rand Paul at 24.2%. John Kasich received 15.0 percent of the responses.

Unless you are completely biased member of the liberal media, looking at these results it is hard to find fault with them. The Republican voters polled correctly identified the best and worst performers in the CNBC debate.


Trump First Choice For Nomination

When these same respondents were asked, “If you had to vote today, which 2016 GOP Candidate would you vote for?” Donad Trump was the run-away winner with 32.7 percent of the votes.

Republican nominee chart Trump leadsIn second place was Ben Carson with 22.6 percent. Third was Marco Rubio with 14.5 percent. Ted Cruz beat Carly Fiorina by taking fourth place with 7.6 percent to her 6.1 percent.

Sixth and seventh places went to Rand Paul with 4.4 percent and Jeb Bush with 4/3 percent. All the remaining candidates registered less than 3 percent.

It is another good result for Donald Trump. Every one of the debates so far has been stacked against him doing well, yet in each Trump has used his personality and a mixture of humor, firmnesss with the rogue moderators and good counter-punching of his opponents when they attack him, to put up a good showing overall.

So say Republican voters and they are the people who count.




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