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Dear John

One of the highlights of the CNBC debate – not that there were too many to choose from – was Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s attempted attack on Donald Trump and more particularly Trump’s stinging rebuttals.

We all know Donald trump is a vicious counter-puncher. Someone should have told Kasich.

john-kasich gets counter punched by Donald Trump at cnbc-gop-debateIt all started very predictably. Every time the Ohio Governor opens his mouth to promote himself, he says the same things. It doesn’t matter what the question is, the answer is always about his record in office and how he balanced budgets and turned a multi-billion dollar deficit into a $2 billion surplus in Ohio.

Trump burst that bubble in some style on Wednesday when he reminded everyone of  the fact that, “John got lucky with a thing called fracking, OK? He hit oil. He got lucky with fracking. Believe me, that is why Ohio is doing well.”

As usual Donald Trump was correct. The oil boom in Ohio has had much more to do with the economic success of the state than any intervention that Gov. Kasich could have made.


Trump Wasn’t Done

That first counter-punch was a body blow to Kasich, but Trump wasn’t done with him just yet.

He went on to highlight the fact that Kasich had been, “…a managing general partner at Lehman Brothers when it went down the tubes and almost took every one of us with it, including Ben and myself, because I was there and I watched what happened.”

It is an interesting part of Kasich’s CV that he doesn’t seem to want to brag about. I wonder why?

Lehman Brothers bank collapseKasich joined Lehman’s investment banking division as managing director in 2001. He continued to work there until the firm’s collapse in September 2008, which as Mr. Trump rightly said, began the financial crisis which adversely affected millions of Americans and many, many more people in other countries as well.

The only reason this information hasn’t been widely publicized is because Kasich is not a serious contender for the GOP’s presidential nomination. In fact he is barely registering in national polls.


A Responsible President

Craig Holman of the advocacy group Public Citizen summed up the Kasich bid for the presidency. He said, “Kasich’s close ties to Wall Street should raise concerns for everyone who suffered due to the collapse of our financial system caused by those very same banks. This is not a responsible businessman, and strongly suggests he would not be a responsible president.”

Kasich recordWhat America needs more than anything, after two destructive Obama terms, is a responsible President who will tackle the problems we face, no matter how they impact on Wall Street and Washington.

It is comforting to know that we don’t have to rely on Kasich. There is another responsible and successful businessman who would make a much more responsible president.

His name is Donald Trump.

And he’s a pretty good counter-puncher too!




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