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70 Percent Say

Trump Could Win In November

According to an Associated Press-GfK poll, Republican voters view Donald Trump as their strongest general election candidate. They believe Trump could win in November 2016.

donald_trump_for_presidentThe poll questioned 1,027 adults from October 15 to 19, using a sample drawn from GfK’s probability-based KnowledgePanel, which is designed to be representative of the U.S. population.

An amazing 70 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning registered voters say Trump could win in November 2016 if he is nominated.

That is the highest score of any candidate.

By comparison, 6 in 10 say the same for retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson.


Anti-Establishment Anger

The poll indicates again, not only the popularity of Donald Trump, but also that fact that there is a growing surge of anti-establishment anger among American voters. They have clearly had enough of career time-serving politicians.

No More RINOS take back the gopBy an overwhelming 77 percent to 22 percent margin, Republican registered voters and leaners say they prefer an outsider candidate who will change how things are done, rather than someone with experience in Washington who can get things done.

By 76 percent to 22 percent, they prefer someone with private sector leadership experience over experience holding elected office.



Contrast that with the head-in-the-sand view of the GOP elite’s strategists who, despite all the evidence to the contrary, still believe that Donald Trump and Ben Carson are among the ‘least’ electable general election candidates.

trump thumbs up flag backgroungThese are the highly paid professionals who are in the business of helping candidates run campaigns. And yet these are the people who have managed to spectacularly lose the last two presidential elections.

The GOP has two choices. Stay with the failures who pick and groom losing candidates, or trust what the American people are saying loud and clear and support a candidate, like Donald Trump, who will inspire the party to victory.


If you wish to view the Associated Press-GfK poll results please click here.





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