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Biden Death Blow For Democrats?

At last Joe Biden has made his decision. We think he has anyway. He is not going to make a bid for the Democrat nomination for the 2016 presidency. But has Biden’s decision not to run struck a death blow to the Democrats?

Biden not runningIt leaves only two horses realistically in the race for the Democrats. One, an old nag prone to galloping off in any possible direction depending on what way the wind is blowing or where the money is. The other, a hobbled old socialist who came from nowhere and seems to be on his way back there.

Many Democrats’ heads were in their hands at the Biden decision. They thought they might have a chance to vote for a decent candidate, but alas for them the answer was no. Joe is a no show, on the ballot paper anyhow.


A Terrible Candidate

That just leaves them with Hillary Clinton. And what a terrible candidate she is.

One staunch Democrat supporter shared his thoughts about Hillary with me many months ago, before there was a hint that Donald Trump would enter the fray.

“Hillary can’t win it,” he said. “She’s a terrible choice. She might not even win the nomination, if we’re lucky.”

The first two parts of his statement still hold true. She won’t win the presidency – if she finds herself running against a strong Republican like Donald Trump. And she is a terrible choice of candidate. Even more so today after email scandals, corruption revelations, Benghazi, constant lying, etc.

The latter part, about not winning the nomination, perhaps not so much true now. Since Biden has pulled out there is no credible alternative to Hillary.

But the reasoning was sound. Hillary was not able to beat Obama in 2008 and he was possibly one of the worst politicians ever to run for the office of president.

Obama, yes we canObama got elected first time on a wave of emotion and the fact that the alternative to him was Hillary. The Republican establishment did their bit too. Obama was helped by the unpopularity of G. W. Bush and the fact that the GOP chose a weak liberal candidate in McCain to oppose him.

The second time Obama got elected on a wave of stupidity. But again he had additional help from the Republican elite who chose another weak candidate who was so politically correct he didn’t register with the party’s core voters.


Losing By A Landslide

So this time it is Hillary to all intents and purposes unopposed within the Democrat camp. She shouldn’t get elected. Many agree that she shouldn’t even be allowed to stand for the position of President such is her abysmal record and lack of integrity. The only reason she will make it to the White House is if the GOP elite make the same mistake again and, by fair means and foul, maneuver into position a candidate who is weak and unable to inspire republican supporters to get out and vote.

Except for the stupidity of staunch Democrat supporters who would vote for anything with a Democrat label on it, Hillary has everything going against her.  Add to that the reality that at the moment in America the current political environment is toxic for career politicians like her, and it all bodes ill for success. For the Republicans, Jeb Bush and his career politician friends are finding that out the hard way too.

Trump versus ClintonAlthough he chose not to stand, Biden also does not seem to consider Clinton as a good candidate for the Democratic Party. There has never been any love lost between them in private. Even when he made his Rose Garden announcement about not running he not only failed to mention Clinton by name but seemed to even go out of his way to take a few thinly veiled shots at her.

Against a candidate strong on the issues and not financially in the pocket of anyone, like Donald Trump, Hillary could lose by a landslide.  She’s that bad a candidate.

If the Republican Party play it right, Biden’s decision not to run could indeed be a death blow to the Democrat’s hopes for 2016.




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