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Deserving Of A Medal?

The Constitutional Right PAC, is an organization devoted to protecting freedom in America. It has recently launched what it called the “END JEB 2016” campaign.

They hold the view that “Jeb Bush is an establishment politician, a servant of special interests, and would advance the trend of government growth as President of the United States.”

They are correct on all counts. They go on, “He’s bad on taxes… He’s bad on borders… He’s bad on education… He’s bad on healthcare… He’s bad on liberty… Keep Jeb out of Washington.”

Hillary Clinton awarded Liberty Medal by National Constitution Center in Philadelphia

Hillary Clinton awarded Liberty Medal by National Constitution Center in Philadelphia  11 Sep 11, 2013

The Constitutional Right PAC is also highlighting Bush’s controversial move to award the National Constitution Center’s Liberty Medal to Hillary Clinton, despite her prominent role in the Benghazi disaster.

It is another one of those dumb moves Jeb keeps on making. No doubt he will make more of them, if he stays around long enough.

You would think that with a war chest of over $100 million at his disposal he would have more than enough money to hire at least one strategist who knows his you-know-what from his elbow. But so far he hasn’t.

Benghazi- never forgetEven now Hillary Clinton is still under Congressional Investigation regarding the Benghazi attack. She deserves to be locked up in jail – not given a medal. Jeb would have done a much better job giving her an automobile license plate so she could get the hang of making them!


RINOs Love Democrats

This fiasco is just another example of the cozy relationship that exists in Washington between the establishment Republicans, or RINOs, and the Democrats. It’s just one big club for the elite and we, the people, are most definitely not invited to join, not that we would want to in any case.

we the peopleIt also explains why the GOP hierarchy are so dead set against Donald Trump becoming the Republican Party nominee. He isn’t part of their inner circle either.

They wanted a Bush versus Clinton fight for the White House. They knew that if they could manipulate that scenario, no matter who lost they would still win.

D J TrumpNow, however, with Trump leading the race their plans are in tatters. It is up to us now to support Donald Trump and ensure that he is the candidate to win the next Presidency.

You won’t be awarded a medal if you do, but you might just help to make America great again.

Have a look at the Constitutional Right PAC video below. It is very short, but gets its message across big time. Well done to them. And when you are finished consider signing their petition too (see link below the video.)

Sign the petition to End Jeb 2016 click on the following link – http://endjeb2016.com




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