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A Nightmare Scenario

This is not a report about the election directly today, but about something that the new president will inherit. Thanks of course to the idiot currently in the White House.

nuclear explosion photoLet me pose a few pertinent questions to set the scene.

“What do you think will happen when Tehran announces that the Iranians have successfully detonated their first nuclear bomb?”

“What if they don’t announce anything but instead launch a preemptive strike on Tel Aviv?”

“Or what if they decide to consolidate their position within the Middle East and first take out the Saudis and Jordanians who they think are far too friendly towards America?”

And worst of all, as far as the American public is concerned,

“What if they construct some kind of dirty bombs and smuggle them into the United States among the tens of thousands of ‘refugees’ that Obama wants to bring here?”

This is not mere speculation. The ayatollah has issued a book detailing exactly how he plans to attack Tel Aviv and New York City with nuclear devices. If he is allowed the opportunity, he will.


Obama Has Seriously Weakened America

Any of these outcomes is a nightmare scenario that President Obama’s deadly deal with Iran has more or less guaranteed – if no one intervenes in the meantime, of course.

Not only has Obama left America in a seriously weakened position militarily, but he has at the same time ensured that the risk of a major and devastating war is now much greater than ever before. The world is closer to nuclear catastrophe than it has ever been.

In the past, nuclear weapons have been in the hands of responsible leaders in responsible countries. These men knew if they ever pressed the nuclear button they would face devastating retaliation that made the whole thing pointless. In fact they even called it “MAD” – Mutually Assured Destruction.

Obama and the Iranians cartoonNow, however, Obama has now placed these weapons in the hands of people who are barbaric and – let’s say it how it is – insane with hatred of anyone and everyone who is not a devout follower of their brand of Islam.

Obama has handed these fanatics in a win-win scenario. If they attack the infidels and there is no retaliation in kind then they win. If they attack and there is retaliation they die and go to heaven and get their 70 virgins or whatever.

What they used to call the “balance of power” is gone.


The Liberal Media Ignores The Dangers

Naturally you will not find a story like this in any of the mainstream liberal newspapers or discussed by the idiots on TV. I bet Megyn Kelly has no clue what we’re even talking about.

The danger doesn’t just start after Obama has departed the Oval Office. It starts right now – probably already has.

Iranian militaryWhile America has a weak and stupid President in charge, our enemies will use that time to solidify the progress they have made and where possible make further strategic gains.

They are preparing themselves just in case the American people have the sense to elect a strong president like Donald Trump.

Mass murdering terrorists are now much stronger than six years ago, and we are weaker. That is not an accident. It follows directly from the Obama administration’s actions.


Republicans And Democrats Will Suffer Together

Unfortunately, if and when America is attacked everyone will be targeted, not only the Democrats and the RINOs who support them.

If boots have to be placed on the ground in foreign lands again to try to clean up Obama’s mess, it won’t just be supporters of the Democrats they send.

A lot of this mess has its origins in the weakness of Jimmy Carter who allowed Iran to be transformed into a theocratic hate filled state.

Bill Clinton and MonicaBefore 9/11, Bill Clinton had eight years to catch Bin Laden, but almost 3,000 innocent people were murdered that day because of Clinton’s inability to take the danger seriously. He was too busy with Monica or some other distraction.

Unbelievably, unlike the poor souls in the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and United Airlines Flight 93, Bill Clinton got away without a scratch, just as his lying wife hopes to get away with her culpability in the Benghazi attack and more.

Can you imagine what will happen if she gets elected? What a horrible thought.


Three Big Question Facing America

Handing Iran the ability to become a nuclear power has consequences that go far beyond the domestic woes that Obama has created. It deserves the attention of the American people.

Donald Trump strong leaderSo the three big questions are:

“Will the voters of America recognize the damage that has been done by this Obama-led Democrat administration?”

“Will they realize that they have never before been in as much need of a strong leader in charge of America?”


“Will Republicans have the sense to ignore the GOP establishment and put a real man in charge and not just another useless Republican Democrat?”

Over to you America.

You got it badly wrong twice in a row.

Please make the right choice this time – before it is too late.




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