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Trump Tops ANOTHER Poll


Iowa poll September 22nd 2015

The latest poll – once again showing Donald Trump out in front – comes from Iowa and was carried out by Public Policy Polling (PPP). They surveyed 488 “usual Republican primary voters” from September 18-20.

Donald Trump, who is also number one in the Washington Examiner’s presidential power rankings, maintained his first place position and gained 5 percentage points since PPP’s last poll in August.

Ben Carson remained in second place and also gained 5 percentage points. And Carly Fiorina moved from fourth to third, gaining 3 percentage points total.

As has been noted before in The Trump Report (and probably will be again), not one of the three front runners is a career politician. GOP elite please take note!


Trump Thrives On Controversy

Donald Trump’s polling numbers continue to rise despite one controversy after another.

For example, he and second place Carson have taken a lot of media heat of late because of the way they have responded to questions about the Islamic faith.

trump campaign event in Rochester, New Hampshire

Donald Trump speaking at a campaign event in Rochester, New Hampshire

In fact Friday past, White House press secretary Josh Earnest, on behalf of President Obama, delivered a sweeping indictment of Donald Trump – and the Republican Party in general – for his failure to correct an audience member who called the president a Muslim, and for not noting that Obama is Christian.

But here is the big problem for Obama that the media is afraid to point out.

Denying you are a Muslim is one thing, but calling yourself a Christian is quite another.

Let’s be quite clear. Anyone, Democrat or Republican or neither, who supports and funds an organization like Planned Parenthood that murders babies and sells their mutilated bodies to the highest bidder is not, and cannot be, a true Christian, nor do they deserve to be called one, whether they are President or not.

Like it or not, those are the rules and Obama has broken them, as has Clinton and the rest who support and continue to promote, or allow, funding for such horrific and clearly non-Christian practices.

I’m not sure where that leaves the few Republican candidates who were stupid enough to run to Obama’s assistance and criticize Trump, not for anything he said, but for his handling of an exchange with an audience member at a campaign event in New Hampshire on Thursday. Shame on them.


More Poll Results

Getting back to the PPP Iowa poll, but still on the same subject, nearly 70 percent of those surveyed agreed with the assertion that the president is “waging a war on Christianity.” Only 49 percent thought “the religion of Islam should be legal.”

The poll also surveyed the likability of the candidates which saw Ben Carson lead the field, with 77 percent of voters viewing him favorably and 11 percent viewing him unfavorably.

Carson is a nice guy, for sure, but being likable is not one of the main criteria for being a good and capable president.

Scott Walker trying to leave even before the debate starts

Scott Walker trying to leave even before the debate starts!

Finally, and amusingly, in a head-to-head comparison between Donald Trump and Scott Walker, Walker actually came out in front.

But since his head – and the rest of him – are no longer in the race I wouldn’t worry too much about that.

Trump is still the man in front.




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