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Shockwaves Hit The GOP Elite

On the political scale of shockwaves, Scott Walker’s decision to quit the presidential race at this early stage was a nine pointer. It has left the GOP elite reeling.

Unfortunately Walker did not go with the same dignity as Donald Trump’s remarks bestowed upon him. Trump said, “I got to know Scott Walker well, he’s a very nice person and has a great future.”

Scott Walker announces quitting presidential race

Scott Walker announces he is quitting the presidential race

Walker on the other hand, still smarting over being bested by Trump early on in the race, showed no sign of a conciliatory tone or friendship.

On the contrary, he called on other Republican hopefuls to essentially gang up on Donald Trump by clearing the field “so that voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive, conservative alternative to the current front runner.”

More than a touch of bad loser spite in that comment.


A Rapid Fall From A Great Height

When the presidential campaign began, Walker was top of the Iowa polls for about six months – until Donald Trump overtook him in August. After that he soon plummeted from the top to the bottom. Now he is out of the contest completely.

Walker recent poll position

Walker’s most recent poll position at less than one percent

It has been an astounding reversal of political fortunes for the candidate who had once been heralded as the great conservative hope for retaking the White House.

But with his ever poorer showing in the polls, combined with an inability to make any real impact with his campaign, Walker had been struggling to overcome funding shortages.

When you become an “asterisk” in the polling results chart the funding soon disappears. It is a lesson that more will learn as the weeks and months go on. Trump is immune to that, of course, because he is funding his own campaign, so no pressure there.

Walker had a particularly poor night at the latest TV debate on September 16th, which probably helped him to make up his mind to quit. He cancelled multiple appearances after the debate, creating speculation that his campaign would soon be coming to an end.

A lot of his failure to gain traction was his own fault.

For example, after Donald Trump called for an end to birthright citizenship, Walker first of all supported the call, but then reversed himself, only to reverse himself again. On other issues such as the Iran deal he was stronger, but all to no avail.


Career Politicians Are Failing

It is both interesting and very significant, that as the race has gone on, not one of the three front runners who have emerged in the Republican race is a career politician. Trump and Fiorina come from business backgrounds, the former extremely successful, the latter not so much, and Carson is a retired neurosurgeon.

donaldtrumpThat should tell the GOP elite something. The people are speaking and, whoever they eventually choose, it is very clear that they don’t want another career political lapdog of the elite as their next President. If they seriously want to win the presidential election the Republican Party need to waken up to this fact – and quickly.

As for Walker, he may be a candidate in a future election, but in the meantime it is back to being Governor of Wisconsin. There is some speculation as to who his supporters will turn to, but he has had such a low showing in the polls recently – less than one percent – that even if it all transferred to one of the other candidates it wouldn’t really change things.

Walker playing cardsSome say that as Walker was announcing his withdrawal the sound of laughter could be heard in the White House. It won’t be lost on Obama that the Republican hopeful who said in the last TV debate that he’d love to “play cards with this guy because Barack Obama folds on everything with Iran,” has himself thrown in his hand after a mere ten weeks in the race.

Mind you he didn’t have any Trump cards to play.




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