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New Life In The Old Dog…

er, I Mean, Elephant

Republican Elephant symbolThe stupidity of the GOP elite in trying to undermine Donald Trump has made us concentrate far too much on the impact he has made on them and on his rival Republican candidates.

What is being overlooked is the impact Trump is having on the Democrats. He has them worried. Very worried indeed.


Because Trump thinks he can beat them – and so do they!

Life Support

Yes Trump is loud, full of himself and not afraid to give as good as he gets, or better, to a hostile press. But he is saying out loud what the ordinary people are thinking and that makes him popular, as the polls confirm.

Republican Party on life support before Donald Trump intervenedBefore Trump’s intervention, the Republican Party was on life support. In a coma, induced by the GOP elite, just waiting for some kind Democrat to switch off the machine and let them fade away into oblivion for at least another eight years, probably longer.

But by entering this presidential campaign, Donald Trump has breathed new life into the Republican Party. He is unlike anything they have had to represent them for many years. Just think about Dole or McCain or even Romney for a moment and you will know exactly what I mean.

Trump Is Different

And that is another part of Trump’s appeal. The fact that he isn’t a Dole, or a McCain, or a Romney. The fact that he isn’t a career politician. The fact that he isn’t politically correct. Or the fact that he is very rich and isn’t beholden to any of the vested interests who are usually able to buy their power and influence from weak candidates.

trump with his 757 private jetTrump is successful and a multi-billionaire, as he keeps reminding us as if we didn’t already know. But he is also a shrewd operator and a tough street fighter who in his business career did whatever it took to get the job done.

From the day and hour Trump entered the presidential race he did so with flamboyance and he came out fighting. He talked about illegal immigration and its associated crimes. About the economic mess that America is in. About the need for more jobs for Americans. And about the disgraceful way that veterans have been treated by past and present administrations.

Trump Is Re-writing The Republican Rule Book

He said all the things that the GOP establishment didn’t want said, and then he said he would make America great again. His opponents are having a hard time stopping him thanks to the millions of grass roots Republicans throughout America who have rallied to support Trump.

Donald Trump is rewriting the Republican Party rule book. No more equivocation and being afraid to speak lest you offend someone in the opposition camp. No more groveling and apologizing when you do speak up for yourself and your cause. And no more trying to be a bigger Democrat than the Democrats.

Trump is in it to win it and the voters and viewers love it.

The Democrats Are Worried

His intervention in the presidential race has given the Democrats time to reflect. Before Trump it was a done deal for them. Hillary would be their candidate and would walk over nice Jeb, or whatever meek and mild-mannered candidate the Republicans chose.

joe biden looking worried - gettyBut that has changed. The Democrats now see that they may well need a real candidate to beat Donald Trump if he does indeed defy the GOP elite and make it to the nomination as is looking more and more likely.

Suddenly it is beginning to dawn on the Democrats that they need a candidate with a lot less baggage than Hillary is dragging around and so far only Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are in the running. It’s not looking good!

The Democrats are in trouble thanks to Donald Trump.

Only the Republican establishment can save them and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

If they do, the future for the GOP is bleak.

It may once again find itself on life support.




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