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The Numbers Tell The Story

If I had told you a few months ago that Donald Trump would lead the Republican contenders and that in the Democrat camp Bernie Sanders would be giving Hillary a run for her money, would you have believed me?

Probably not, and who could have blamed you.

But politics is a funny old game and many things happen during the course of a campaign that turn previously held ideas upside down.

Today, more than two months on, Donald Trump’s advantage over the Republican field is comprehensive and still increasing. He leads in all the latest state polls that have been published.

 Trump talking to media

Category Leader

As regards the different categories of voters who make up the electorate Trump leads,

  • with Tea Party voters (44%);
  • with men (39%);
  • with independents (36%);
  • with conservatives (36%);
  • with voters who are most concerned about electability (35%);
  • with younger voters (34%);
  • with seniors (34%);
  • with evangelicals (32%);
  • with women (30%);
  • and even with moderates (29%).


Favorability Leader

In addition, in the favorability stakes, Donald Trump has a 56/32 favorability rating.

He also leads when you match him with the other Republican hopefuls head-to-head,

  • 47/39 over Ben Carson;
  • 53/35 over Scott Walker;
  • 53/34 over Marco Rubio; and
  • 56/33 over Jeb Bush.


Overall Poll Leader

On August 21st & 22nd, Gravis Marketing, on behalf of the One America News Network, conducted a national poll of 3,567 registered voters, approximately 1,141 of whom identified themselves as Republican voters and 1,355 as Democratic voters.

2015-08-17-morning-consult-poll-graphIt found that Donald Trump, for the first time for any candidate, was the preference of 40% among Republicans. Dr. Ben Carson was in second place and Jeb Bush third at 10%. This represented a gain of almost ten points for Trump when compared with the organization’s July poll. Carson was also up, by almost seven points, though still well behind The Donald.


Republicans - which canddate would you vote forAugust 20th to 23rd, in South Carolina Monmouth University surveyed Republicans and found Donald Trump well ahead of the rest of the field.  He had 30% preference, with Dr. Ben Carson 2nd at 15%. All the others recorded only single-digit support.


Trump Is Crushing His Rivals

So there you have it. Donald Trump is crushing all of his biggest rivals.

Isn’t it about time the GOP stopped maneuvering to make the presidential race as difficult as possible for Donald Trump and gave their wholehearted supported to the clearly preferred choice of millions of American voters?

I hope they come to their senses soon.



Just to give you a bit of a laugh, in another national poll of 1,563 registered voters conducted by Quinnipiac University between August 20th to 25th, respondents were asked to describe Hillary Clinton in one word.

The top three responses were

  1. “liar”;
  2. “dishonest”; and
  3. “untrustworthy”.

In fact overall 57% of those offering an answer chose a word relating to being untruthful.

I wonder if any of them read The TRUMP Report, particularly this one  🙂




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