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Election Defections Update

Some say good timing is everything in politics and as regards Donald Trump’s campaign for the Presidency, the timing couldn’t be better. America needs him NOW.

The same goes for writing about politics. Timing is everything. Hard on the heels of the “Election Defections” report published earlier today (if you missed it click here) news is coming through that, not one, but three, top Jeb Bush fundraisers have left his campaign. They are Florida-based fundraising consultants, Kris Money, Trey McCarley, and Debbie Alexander.

Putting On A Brave Face

Trump opponent Jeb Bush putting on a brave face as 3 Florida funraisers quitThe Bush camp are putting a brave face on the loss and citing “internal personality conflicts” or that they were, “let go because they were no longer needed,” as the reasons.

My personal opinion is that they left as “an act of love,” but that might just be me!

However, when it all comes out in the wash I think we will find that it has a lot more to do with Jeb’s performance in the race so far and a growing lack of confidence within his crew that they are on the winning team.

From Hero To Zero

Before the presidential race got started, Jeb Bush was supposed to be the front runner by a mile. He was the anointed “safe pair of lips” that the GOP elite wanted. But then along came Donald Trump into the race for the White House and suddenly Jeb found himself going from hero to, not quite zero, but definitely trailing a long way behind.

Daddy Bush - George Bush SnrUnlike Perry, reported on earlier, Jeb Bush has no immediate, or even medium-term, problems with the amount of money he has been able to raise. With the help of Daddy Bush and his cronies he has the biggest war chest by a long way.

Contributors know that they will get favors in return if Jeb is elected. The problem is that this is looking less and less likely at the moment and the pace of fundraising for the Bush campaign has slowed down of late.

Although he has the most cash Jeb also has the biggest campaign team and his burn rate of dollars is also the biggest. Not to mention the fact that the Bush campaign team will have to ramp up their spend rate considerably to try to recoup some of the ground he has lost in the race so far.

There may be a lot more stormy waters ahead and, while the USS Trump plows ahead regardless, it seems that the good ship Bush is already taking on water. So much so that some of the crew are abandoning their stations.

I do hope they have enough lifeboats on board.




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