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When Is A Journalist Not A Journalist?

Whatever the reason, these days most journalists, particularly the ones commenting on things political, vary from being slightly left of center to so far left they can’t even pretend to be objective.

Jorge Ramos publicity stunt at Donald Trump's Iowa press conference

Jorge Ramos disrupting Donald Trump’s Iowa press conference

We saw a good example a few days ago in Iowa, when Univision’s Jorge Ramos, left wing and ever so full of himself, tried to disrupt a press conference being held by Donald Trump.

Let’s be quite clear on one thing. Ramos went to the press conference, not to get a story, but to become the story.

Without being called on, Ramos stood up and started heckling Donald Trump and proceeded to try to lecture him about what could and could not be done regarding illegal immigration.

To his credit Donald Trump kept cool throughout the outburst, repeatedly trying to answer Ramos, who continued to try to talk over Trump instead of showing some respect and listening to the answers.

Ramos was not interested in the answers. His objective was to get kicked out and, quite rightly, he was removed from the press conference.

One Rule For Them, Another For Us

Jorge Ramos disrupting Trump press conference Iowa

Ramos being escorted out of the press conference

He complained all the way out that his rights had been violated.

That’s another trait about left-wingers. It is always THEIR rights that are being violated. When they are dictating to the rest of us about how we should think and behave – like Ramos was trying to do to Donald Trump – they don’t spare a though about violating OUR rights. It is one rule for them and another for the rest of us.

Journalists should be there to report the news. It is not their job to be the news. Nobody turns up at a press conference to hear what the journalists have to say. But some of them, like Ramos, just don’t get it.

All Ramos has succeeded in doing with his publicity stunt was to discredit himself and his profession. But he is probably too dumb to realize it.

Sorry Jeb

And speaking of too dumb, the other person to make a complete fool of himself over this incident was good old Jeb Bush. Following hard on the heels of his womens’ health gaffe and his ludicrous assertion that illegal immigrants come here as an “act of love”, Jeb, in a transparent attempt to pander to the Obama amnesty policy, ran to the defense of raving Ramos saying he should have been treated with more respect.

JebSorry, Jeb. You got it wrong again. You should have been defending your fellow Republican candidate and ensuring he got the respect he deserved instead of trying to be a Republican Democrat like your masters have ordered you to be.

Once again the Ramos affair has thrown up some controversy in Donald Trump’s campaign. But once again it is controversy that rather than hurting him, has gained him even more support.

Donald Trump is still miles ahead of his rivals. It is hard to see who can catch him in this presidential race.

Jeb for one will find it hard to walk, never mind run, after Donald Trump if he continues to shoot himself in the feet.




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