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Who REALLY Threatens The GOP?

Why do the “elite” within the GOP think that Donald Trump is destroying the Republican party by talking tough on things like illegal immigration?

Donald Trump arms open

Donald Trump talks tough on illegal immigration

They have been particularly incensed by Donald Trump’s plan to end the policy that guarantees citizenship for children born in the United States to illegal immigrants.

But why should anyone think that enforcing U.S. immigration laws is harmful to the party?

It is because the elite are afraid.

And they are afraid because they are stupid.

And they are stupid because they think they can go on ignoring their core supporters – who would vote for a good Republican candidate – and instead gear all their policies towards left-wing liberals – who probably won’t ever vote for them anyway.

Republican Democrats

To summarize the position, the GOP elite wants the Republican Party to become Democrats. Ridiculous, yes, but that is what they think and that is what they are trying to do.

republicatsHow this disease within the brains of the GOP elite ever got started I don’t know. Getting rid of it will be difficult – perhaps we should call Dr. Carson out of retirement for a consult – but it is something that needs to be addressed very quickly or the Party will continue to choose losing candidates with losing policies and lose the Presidency – again!

The proof is there for all to see.

The GOP elite got their way, and their candidates, in 2008 and 2012 with McCain and Romney and we all saw what a resounding success that was …..er…. for Barrack Obama and his crew!

Trump’s campaign against illegal immigration is popular with nearly all voters. And I do mean ALL, because a great many registered Democrats think likewise. (Not too many of them say it out loud, but they do.)

It has turned Donald Trump into the leading contender for the Republican nomination and boosted his own personal popularity.

But it has also done something else, something much more profound, and that is what is really getting stuck right up the ever-upturned noses of the GOP elite.

Because Trump has struck a chord with the electorate, most of the other Republican candidates – the ones with even a little bit of political savvy – have had no option but to change their campaign issues and put the illegal immigration problem up front.

Without Donald Trump in the Presidential race would you ever have heard Jeb Bush, for example, saying the words “anchor baby”? Not a chance. He would still be blathering on about illegal immigrants coming to the United States as “an act of love”! I mean, did you ever?

Best Option


Donald Trump at massive rally in Alabama

I said “profound” because the consequences of this are that Trump is slowly turning the Republican Party to his way of thinking, overturning decades of manipulation by the GOP elite.

That is why they are so desperate to find a way to get rid of him, and sooner rather than later. I hope enough people care enough about their country to ensure this does not happen.

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out who will make the Republican Party stronger, not only for this election, but for future elections.

The party needs someone who can unite the core Republican vote with policies that appeal to the vast majority of American voters. That someone today is Donald Trump.

He is the Republican Party’s best option and America’s best option.

The worst option is for both America and the Republican Party is for the GOP elite to be allowed to cling on to power and try to turn Republicans into Democrats.

That is who REALLY threatens GOP, not Donald Trump.




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