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Crunching The Numbers

By this time we are all getting used to Donald Trump dominating opinion poll numbers. He started off well and just keeps getting better and better, breaking through the 30% barrier already.

Republicab voters prefer Trump Fox & ABC polls chart

Republicab voters prefer Trump Fox & ABC polls chart

Some anti-Trump pundits – you know, the ones who only like the opinion poll figures when they are showing what they want them to show – try to make excuses for the results. They imply that the number of people questioned is very small in comparison to the overall electorate and somehow not representative.

Duh, that’s what opinion polls do, isn’t it? What they are really saying is that the pollsters asked the wrong people, or that they asked the right people, who then gave the wrong answers.

You can be sure that if the results showed one of the other candidates well out in front these same pundits would be praising the accuracy of the results. Take everything they say with a BIG pinch of salt!

Not Just Opinion Polls

Trump thumb upTrump’s numbers are representative of the support he has throughout the country. Support that is increasing every day. And we don’t just have to rely on the opinion poll numbers to prove it.

For example, let’s look at much bigger numbers, like the numbers of people who tune in to watch and listen to Donald Trump when he is on TV.

The Nielsen organization is well respected in this field and they have recently revealed how The Donald has been doing in attracting viewers to the shows he has been on.

These numbers also show clearly that Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has a popularity appeal many times greater than any of his rivals.

Deserving first mention, of course, is the Fox News televised Republican debate on August 6th. It got a staggeringly huge audience of 24 million, most of whom tuned in to see Donald Trump in action. It was the most watched program in Fox News history!

Since then the media have been clamoring to get Trump on their shows, or even to phone in during their shows.

When Trump appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on August 16th, the program had its biggest audience in more than a year.

When CNN aired its prime-time special interview with Trump last week it got its best ratings at that hour in a month – so good in fact that the network repeated the interview two nights later.

Fox News showed similar results with its two Donald Trump interviews both of which brought in numbers of viewers far above its average audience.

In typical fashion Donald Trump has suggested that he is so popular he could easily charge for his appearances. He said in a recent interview in Time Magazine that he could ask CNN to pay $10 million to charity for his participation in the next GOP debate.

He probably could.

Why Does He Do So Well On TV?

Trump TV phone inSo what are the reasons why Donald Trump is so popular on TV? Why do people tune in to see him?

It can be put down to a number of things, including the fact that Donald Trump is:

  • the leading candidate in the Republican presidential race;
  • a well-known TV personality;
  • a successful billionaire businessman;
  • a likeable, charismatic and larger-than-life character;
  • a natural showman;
  • unafraid to talk about the real issues that the people want discussed;
  • always ready and willing to take on opponents whether they be rival politicians or media personalities;
  • and last but by no means least, someone who is exciting to watch simply because you are never sure what he is going to say or do next!


I’m sure there are a great many more things you could add to this list. But the answer is clear. For whatever reason, or combination of reasons, people are interested in Donald Trump. More importantly they agree with much of what he says.

If these numbers convert into votes next year, and I hope that they will, then we have a runway winner in Donald J Trump.




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