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Making America Great Again

Donald Trump’s key slogan in his campaign to be the next President of the United States is simple. He wants to “make America great again”.

It is a fantastic goal that has caught the imagination of many millions of Americans right across the country.

But the big question we all need to ask is, “Why do we need to make America great again?”

TV screenshot Trump Our veterans are treated like third-class citizens

Years Of Neglect

The answer is that we need to make America great again simply because of years of neglect and years of policies that have not been in the best interests of our nation.

These damaging policies have been pursued, enacted and administered by a bunch of self-serving paid-for career politicians in Washington. Paid for by an elite and super-rich clique who buy elections and rig lawmaking to perpetuate their wealth and power – always at the expense of the country and the ordinary people.

Yes, much of that damage has been done by Democrat administrations, particularly the two Obama terms. But it has been done without anything other than mild “token” resistance from the “Republicans in name only” (RINOS) who pollute the corridors of Washington.

All you have to do is to look around you and you will soon see the problems. The despicable treatment of our Veterans, tens of millions of people living in poverty, homeless people sleeping under bridges, high unemployment, massive and growing debt that is spiraling out of control, and goods in our stores made everywhere in the world but in America.

Trump speaking arms apart

Truthful And Brave

Donald Trump has been truthful and he has been brave in bringing to the attention of the nation the fact that America has declined over recent years. It would have been much, much easier for him to take the route favored by his rivals and to have avoided admitting publicly that America is now not so great. But as I have said before, Trump says what he thinks, not what he thinks he should say.

America was once a great nation, the greatest nation on earth. That greatness has been lost. However, it can be regained and America can be great once again.

But only if the American people have the sense and the courage to elect a President capable of the task.

That candidate is Donald Trump.

Support him and together we can “make America great again.”




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