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Breaking The Law

I mean, of course, the Law of Gravity, because no matter what Donald Trump does, or what he says, or who he says it to, his popularity keeps going up.

All the pundits and all his opponents say it shouldn’t be that way. He has broken every conventional rule of running an election campaign. They think Trump should be at the bottom of the polls, but he is at the top and increasing his lead all the time.

Sometimes he has said the right thing when it would have been much easier not to. Much more often he has highlighted issues that the Republican Party hierarchy want suppressed, but the ordinary people want to hear. He certainly hasn’t been politically correct in some of his pronouncements. In fact, he says both he and America haven’t time to be politically correct – and you know what, he’s right.

Trump’s campaign has left political scientists scratching their heads. Republican Party strategists are scratching elsewhere. And the Republican establishment is so dumbfounded by what has happened they don’t even know where to start scratching.

But none of it seems to matter.


From Penthouse To White House?

Donald Trump is able to break the Law of Gravity, consistently. The elevator in the Trump Presidential campaign has only one button. It says “up” and it’s heading for the penthouse – or is it the White House? And we all know Trump is used to penthouse living.

It is great to see all Trump’s opponents in such disarray. And it is great to see Donald Trump progressing so well. It has been a very welcome and refreshing change from the normal dull and boring campaign to choose a candidate for the presidency that we have become used to.

Win, lose or draw, Donald Trump has done something wonderful in this presidential election campaign. Something for which the American people should be very grateful.

He has made this election about what the ordinary people want – not about what Washington wants.

Long may Donald Trump continue to break the Law of Gravity!




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