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Trump a winner

Another Win For Trump

The latest opinion poll published Friday, this time by Reuters/Ipsos, shows Donald Trump still pulling away from his rivals in the race to be the party’s U.S. presidential candidate.

It is further confirmation, as if any were needed, that Republican voters like Trump’s message and will support him.

Since he entered the race Donald Trump has dominated his rivals, the opinion polls, media attention, and, most important of all, the attention of American voters.

Whether he is talking about illegal immigration, or jobs, or simply about his political rivals, his popularity continues to grow and grow.

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The Latest Poll Results

In the Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll, 32 percent of Republicans surveyed online said they backed Trump. This is up from 24 percent last week, a significant increase.

Trump now has almost twice the support of his closest competitor, Jeb Bush, who got 16 percent, and four times more than retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson who was third at 8 percent.

When voters were asked for their opinion of just the top three candidates – Trump, Bush and Carson – the results were just as emphatic. Trump had the support of 44 percent, Bush 29 percent and Carson 25 percent.

The people like Trump. They like his plain speaking. And they like the fact that he is not another career politician and not in the pocket of any vested interest. In fact the longer this campaign goes on, the more they like him.

Whether Trump’s rivals realize it or not, they are now very firmly on HIS agenda. This is because they were talking about non-issues while Donald Trump is highlighting the issues that are important to the voters.


Gaining Momentum

And it is not only in the opinion polls that Trump is gaining momentum. Last night’s campaign rally in Mobile, Alabama attracted a crowd of tens of thousands. So many people wanted to attend that the venue had to be changed to a football stadium capable of seating more than 40,000.

It is a lesson Trump’s rivals, and the Republican Party hierarchy would do well to learn. But I doubt very much if they will.

Even now Republican Party strategists are still persisting with their belief that the voters will tire of Trump long before the convention next year. They have been completely wrong in the last two elections, so maybe we should let them go for their third strike this time and then hope that it is they who are out!

Meantime Donald Trump will continue to defy them and continue to increase his popularity with the American public.

Like I said, another day, another poll, another win for Trump.




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