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Donald Trump: Simply The Best Choice

If you compare Donald Trump to the rest of the Republican Party hopefuls in the Presidential race there is no comparison. Trump is simply the best of the bunch.

The American people think so.

The opinion polls prove it.

The Republican Party hierarchy don’t and are scheming to stop him.

But they won’t.

The Democrats think they can beat him.

But they can’t.

If Donald Trump chooses to continue his campaign as he has started it – and there is no reason to think that he won’t – then he will be unstoppable.

Trump unstoppable

They Can’t Handle Him

The big question is, “Why is it taking the Republican Party’s strategists and the media’s political pundits so long to see this?”

Maybe it is because for the last decade and more they have become used to earning their money easily, by saying the same boring things, about the same boring candidates, who are peddling the same boring policies.

But now, all of a sudden, they have something new and something different to deal with and they can’t handle it.

A lot of them jumped to the quick conclusion that Trump would not get significant support.

They were wrong. Donald Trump now has tens of millions of Americans rooting for him.

Then they thought Trump’s spat with McCain would end his presidential run.

They were wrong again, Trump’s popularity only increased.

Then Fox News tried twice to derail Donald Trump during the first televised Republican debate on August 6th. Once right at the start, when moderator Brett Baier deliberately tried to put Trump at a disadvantage by asking for “all those who will not pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee” to please raise their hands. And the other, when Megyn Kelly cast up a list of “terrible” things Trump has allegedly said about women.

Trump took them both on and the people loved it. His popularity increased again.

Now he has published a detailed ‘Immigration Reform Plan’ that has put his Republican rivals firmly on the back foot and at the same time scared the living daylights out of the Democrats.

And this is just the start of the campaign!

Trump hitting a nerve

Hitting A Nerve

Donald Trump hasn’t just hit one nerve with the American public. He has hit a whole bunch of them!

As well as having grave concerns about illegal immigration, the American people are sad and angry that their once great nation has been severely damaged by Obama’s two terms as President and the quiet acquiescence by the Republican Party’s career politicians in Washington to what he has done.

The American people know Trump is telling them the truth when he says that millions more Americans should be given the chance to work.

They know he is telling them the truth when he says that the military might of the United States has been reduced to the extent that our enemies no longer respect us.

And they know that Trump is telling them the truth when he says that the U.S. is getting outsmarted at every negotiating table, the dreadful Iran deal being one of the latest examples.

Everyone that I talk to has been hoping and praying for many years that a real leader, who wasn’t in the pocket of the vested interests that infest Washington’s politics, would come along and “make America great again”.

Now he’s here.

Donald Trump is simply the best choice.




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  1. God help us if the democrats are chosen to lead America again.They have destroyed the middle east and started wars every where around the world.Make America great again please American people,and put Mr Trump as President,for the sake of God and the rest of us in the world.

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