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The People Trust Donald Trump

A large – and growing – number of prospective conservative voters seem convinced that Donald Trump is their best choice for President. This is despite strenuous efforts by the Republican Party establishment and the media to tell them otherwise.

Why should this be the case?

What is the secret of Trump’s enduring popularity despite everything that has been stacked against him?


In The Land Of The Blind

There is an old saying that goes something like, “In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king.” Some believe that it is a variation of a quote from the Bible found in Matthew 15:14 that states: “If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.”

What it means is that even a person with limited abilities and knowledge is at a great advantage when in the company of those with lesser abilities and less knowledge than he. This is the case with Donald Trump.

His expertise as a businessman is not in question. He has proven himself there beyond any and all doubt. But Trump isn’t a career politician, a person who gets paid whether they do a good job or a bad one. Trump is from the hard and very competitive world of New York real estate. He only made money if he did his job well. A background like that makes him tough and shrewd. Success within that environment also makes him confident, even to the point of appearing arrogant at times.

donald trump people like what he says

Saying The Right Things

Donald Trump is saying the right things for American conservative ears. Almost all the other candidates are afraid to do the same. And above all, the people believe that Trump really believes what he is saying. That is a big one. Hardly another politician in America, perhaps even in the world, has that gift.

And it isn’t only the issues that Trump is not afraid to attack. He is also fearless when it comes to taking on his political opponents. Scott Walker felt his wrath after one of his supporters called Trump “dumb”.

Rick Perry has been castigated for not adequately protecting the border.  And of course John McCain was called out after labeling Trump’s supporters as “crazies”.

Trump in  modd for a fight

In The Mood For A Fight

Trump is laying the groundwork here for the rest of his campaign. By firing these warning shots across the bows of his rivals for the Republican ticket he is letting them know that, not only will they not get away unscathed, but that he can, and will, best them in any mud-slinging contests that they care to enter.

Donald Trump seems to be in the mood for a fight.

I’m not so sure the others are.





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