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Trump To Get RNC Voter Database

Showing a bit of common sense, the Republican National Committee is offering Donald Trump access to its voter database. It couldn’t do anything else really since it is also allowing access to all the other Republican Party’s presidential candidates too.

Already 11 of the 17 GOP contenders have signed up for access to the RNC database which consists of the names, voting record, and other data on approximately 250 million Americans. It is too useful information for Trump not to use.

As reported yesterday in ‘The TRUMP Report’, the Koch brothers denied Donald Trump access to a similar database that they have compiled. It was a mean and stupid move, and now seen as such. I wonder how dumb they feel now?

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Real Men Like Trump

Republican Party officials have also been critical of the Kochs or any other outside organization arrogant enough to try to interfere in its affairs or to try to influence election results.

If rich dudes like the Kochs want to get involved in influencing the election why haven’t they the courage of Donald Trump and enter the race like real men instead of skulking in the background.

Could it be because they know no one would vote for them?




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