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Did You See Him Coming?

I’m afraid I have to admit that I didn’t think Donald Trump would run.

I knew he was thinking about it very seriously but I reconciled myself to his decision being the same as in 2012, when he decided against it. I wouldn’t have blamed him if he done the same on this occasion.

Deciding to run as a Presidential candidate opens the floodgates to intrusion by the media, attacks from sources that are many and varied, and embarking on a campaign schedule that leaves little or not room for the other things in your life, including your family.


Voters Love Trump

But, having seriously considered all these things and many more, he is running.

Not only that, but he’s proving pretty good at it too!

Even though it is early days yet, Trump has managed to attract the attention of lots of voters. They love how he is not intimidated by the media. They love how he has the courage to speak his mind and bring to life hidden taboo subjects that people want discussed. And they love the way he says what he thinks, not what he thinks he should say.

Obviously there is a certain amount of political hype in it all, that’s what elections are about. Nevertheless, Trump has touched many a nerve. Immigration, and particularly illegal immigration, is one of them.


A Time For Leaders Not Followers

A great many ordinary Americans – a lot more I would guess than the other candidates in the race realize – are fed up with their politicians ignoring issues that are important to them, like illegal immigration. In the harsh financial times that we have just experienced, and which are by no means over, they are also sick of seeing their hard earned tax dollars being spent providing social services to waifs and strays who show up on the border in clear violation of federal law – criminals, in other words.

They didn’t vote for that.

Worse, they are disgusted by Obama’s answer to the whole illegal immigration problem, which is to give the ones that illegally made it to the USA amnesty and then to open up the borders to let even more in.

Too often you end up with politicians look at where the crowd is and then go in the same direction to lead them. That actually makes them followers, not leaders at all.

Trump, on the other hand, is saying, “Here’s what I think, if you think the same then follow my lead.”

If he continues to focus on key issues and provide a lead on them, then his support will remain and maybe even grow.




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