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What A Koch Up!

The Republican Party establishment has taken another swipe at Donald Trump. This time it is industrialists Charles and David Koch who are doing the dirty work. They have used their multibillion-dollar business empire to build a network of conservative advocacy groups to pump out the GOP’s failed strategies to their weak candidates.

The Kochs have told Donald Trump that he will not have access to their extensive database of voter information, nor will he be invited to participate in their conservative gatherings.

The Kochs said via their political website that they had “spurned entreaties from the Trump campaign to purchase state-of-the-art data and analytics services from a Koch-backed political tech firm called i360.”

Trump was also reportedly denied an opportunity speak at a conservative summit next month in Ohio that is being sponsored by ‘Americans for Prosperity’, another of the Koch’s political front organizations.

Koch brothers caricature

Helping To Make A Martyr

However, on the positive side, the Kochs have not invited Donald Trump to their annual summer gathering of conservative donors and political operatives. It would be even a bit more hypocrisy than the Republican establishment are used to handing out if they had.

It is all designed to deliberately hurt Trump’s chances and it might –  but only marginally. What he will lose by being banned from the Koch’s swings he will more than make up for on the martyr’s roundabout where the foolish Republican Party establishment seem determined to put him.

The Republican Party establishment is still running scared of Trump’s remarks about illegal immigration and McCain. Polls show they are wrong. Very wrong. Trump’s popularity has only increased since then. He hasn’t been wiped out or forced to retire. He is still there and only getting stronger every week.

Donald Trump multi mics

People Get Trump’s Message

And this is all before the serious campaigning even begins.

What is very strange in all this is not the fact that elitist multi-millionaires like the Kochs are so out of touch with the feelings of rank and file republicans.

What is very strange is that billionaire Donald Trump isn’t. He seems to know exactly what the people want and he knows how to get his message across to them.

So far Donald Trump has been doing just fine.

The Koch ups have all been made by those who oppose him.





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