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St. Pete’s Shocker!

In one of the latest poll results released Donald Trump is well out in front – AGAIN!.

For the first time this year, Donald Trump tops a state poll of GOP presidential candidates in Florida and the poll comes in the wake of Trump’s illegal immigration remarks.

Seems Trump’s fellow runners got it all very wrong. Not surprising really.

What is surprising is that this poll was conducted by StPetePolls.org and was conducted in Florida, the state where Jeb Bush was governor for quite some time and a place where you would have been excused for thinking he would have romped home.

Far from it. He kind of limped home in second place to Donald Trump, more than 6 percentage points behind in fact.

The question put was:

“If the Republican presidential primary election were held today who would you choose?”

These are the results.

Donald Trump:  26.1%

Jeb Bush:  20.0%

Scott Walker:  12.2%

Marco Rubio:   9.7%

Ben Carson:   4.5%

Ted Cruz:   4.2%

John Kasich:   4.1%

Rand Paul:   3.3%

Unsure or Someone else: 15.9%

For more information you can read the full results here:

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