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I’m Awake!

Usually I am quite conservative, with a small ‘c’, in my political views. You would think that that would make me hostile to Donald Trump’s intervention into the normal, and sadly predictable, political arena. But here I am, editor of “The TRUMP Report” and writing articles applauding what Trump is doing.

So how did that happen?

I have been asking myself the same question – more than once.

The conclusion I came to is quite simply that Trump woke me up.  That’s what happened.

There I was coasting along fully prepared to ignore the forthcoming Presidential election and particularly the undignified scramble to be chosen as the two big parties’ candidates.

I thought it was going to the same old, same old. Another few months of boring predictability. All the issues that really mattered, all the things that my friends and I discuss while watching the game or at the bar-b-q, would be swept under the political carpet yet again while both parties’ candidates fell over themselves to placate one minority view point after another, ignoring their core supporters.

Then Donald Trump finally made the decision to jump. He almost did the last time, but for his own reasons decided against it. Difficult, I imagine, to give up an incredibly successful career and life, which is what he has now done.

I don’t know whether it will be worth it for him, but it has been for me. It is so refreshing to observe someone rich enough, confident enough, and maybe arrogant enough to raise two fingers to the liberal media and say, “Here I am and this is what I really think.”

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Trump Can’t Be Bought, Bullied Or Muzzled

Here at last was someone who the media can’t bully. Someone who the media moguls, like Rupert Murdock, can’t buy. Someone who the pseudo-intellectual liberals can’t intimidate. And someone who the Republican Party hierarchy can’t muzzle.

Despite the fact that Donald Trump is doing very well – much better than expected – we have to be realistic and say that the odds are still very much against him. His enemies include the “old farts” in the Republican Party, the left-wing media, the many vociferous minority groups so accustomed to getting it all their own way, and of course the Democrats.

There is more than a little hypocrisy being shown by the latter group, the Democrats. They are trying to stoke the fire against Trump because of his pronouncements about illegal immigration etc., but no party is more prone to making outrageous and inflammatory statements insulting millions of Americans than they are. They have been doing it for years – and getting away with it for years.

Now Trump has arrived on the political scene. He isn’t bothered if someone is offended or upset by what he says. He tells it how he sees it, confidant that he is just as entitled to his opinion as his critics are to theirs. It never used to be that way before. Every speech from the Republican camp was a committee decision rather than a spontaneous emotion. As a result nothing of consequence was being said and nothing of consequence was being done.

Now it is different.

Thanks Donald, I’m awake.




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