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A Slap In The Face For The GOP!

In what must be a huge slap in the face for the GOP hierarchy who tried to use Donald Trump’s row with John McCain to force him to bow out of the Presidential race, the polling figures show that Trump suffered very little damage at all.

Trump lost a little bit in percentage terms, but not a significant drop which is what many in the Republican Party establishment were predicting – and hoping for.

As of the time of writing this report Trump is still well ahead of the next contender with 24%. Walker is the closest to him at 13%, with Jeb Bush a close third place with12%. The situation will, of course, change as the lesser mortals are weeded out.

There are other polls being frantically taken by the media to try to convince voters that it a lot closer, but a lot of them lack credibility. The hardly impartial and very left leaning Public Policy Polling put Trump first at 19% and Walker just two points behind at 17%, although, strangely enough, poor Jeb remained stuck in his 12% rut. The other hopefuls, as in most polls, were very much “also-rans”, some of them not even able to register one percentage point.

So whatever way you look at the figures, it seems that, despite what we will call “the McCain incident” Trump is still leading the pack. If he stops digging in the McCain hole and moves on to other things, without making any more serious blunders, he will soon regain any losses in his polling position.

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Trump – Too Popular!

Furthermore, if Trump is able to perform well on national television in August – and if anyone is used to performing on TV it is him – then he is likely to at least hold his lead if not increase it substantially.

On the positive side, a touch of reality seems to be settling in with many national Republican officials. They seem to be resigned to the fact that Trump’s presence is too large and too loud and too popular to be dismissed. For example, at a recent meeting of the Republican Governors’ Association in Aspen, Colorado the talk was about how to prevent Trump from hijacking next month’s TV debate rather than trying to ban him from taking part.

The hard core morons within the Republican Party hierarchy, however, are still operating under the delusion that they can stop Trump in his tracks. They are trying to convince some of the other candidates, including poor Jeb, to threaten to pull out of the TV debate if Trump was included. They think that all the other less well known hopefuls would follow that lead and pull out too, all of which would force the TV networks airing the debates to bar Donald Trump in order to have an almost full complement of candidates.

There are three major flaws in that reasoning.

Firstly, the lesser candidates are so desperate for publicity to boost their flagging campaigns that there is no guarantee they would give up their chance for free national television coverage.

Secondly, just as there is no guarantee that all the candidates will play ball, there is no guarantee that all the TV companies will play ball either. Sure, most of them are anti-Trump, but they also realize that more people will tune into their TVs to see Trump’s performance than ALL of the others combined and viewers mean big revenue and high ratings.

And thirdly, Trump can buy all the TV coverage he needs – when he needs it – if he needs it – because the controversy of barring him from the grand debate would ensure Trump stays in the headlines for a rather long time. Trump the martyr might even turn out to have more appeal than he has at present.

What I’m saying is, planning to try to bar Trump from the TV debate is just more evidence of the stupidity of the RNC strategists who mistakenly think they would be better without him on board. They are so dumb they haven’t even realized yet that the more they try to push Trump out, the more he will push back, and the more publicity and popularity he will gain because of it.

Maybe as well as a slap in the face, some of the idiots in the RNC need a good kick up the ass – or should that be the elephant?





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