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Third Party, Fire And Theft

Don’t worry about the title of this Trump Report, I’m not trying to sell you any insurance.

I’m talking about the stupid rift that appears to be widening within the Republican Party because of Donald Trump’s decision to run for President.

For some strange reason the GOP seems determined to ruin one of the best opportunities they have had for many years to take back the Oval Office from the Democrats. They should have been able to do it on two previous occasions, but they chose candidates who just did not have what it took to fire the imagination and enthusiasm of ordinary voters.

This time they have that opportunity, but the stuffed shirts within the party hierarchy just can’t see it. They are determined to blow the party’s chances yet again.

In fact they are doing much worse than reducing their chances of winning the next Presidential election. If they don’t get a grip on reality – and very soon – they are actually going to ensure another victory for the Democrats.

They are idiots stuck in the past. That’s for sure. Yet despite that they have learned nothing from history.

Ross Perot for President 1992 button

Remember Ross Perot?

They don’t remember – or they have deliberately chosen to forget – that they lost the 1992 election when another billionaire, Ross Perot, ran as a third candidate and managed to take enough Republican votes to let Bill Clinton win. If Perot hadn’t run, Daddy Bush (George Sr.) would have been re-elected. Perot got 20 million votes. Clinton got 45 million. Bush got 39 million.

Now, no harm to Ross Perot, but he was hardly a Donald Trump. He was an ultra-successful businessman and quite media-savvy for the time, but outside the business arena few had ever heard of him prior to his intervention in the ’92 election. Yet Perot, although not winning any Electoral College votes, still managed to take those 20 million votes, which equated to approximately 19% of the electorate.  Much to everyone’s surprise, perhaps even his own, Perot’s electoral result turned out to be the best third-party performance since Theodore Roosevelt ran on the Progressive Party ticket in 1912.


Trump – Charismatic TV Personality

Contrast that with Donald Trump. Another billionaire from the world of business but one who, unlike Ross Perot, is charismatic, well known, popular, and a TV personality (which is where most of today’s voters get their information).

Trump knows how to use the media. Trump knows how to put on a spectacle. Trump knows how to be controversial and grab the limelight, as we have recently seen. And, considering the media coverage he is getting and his position in the polls, it is looking more and more as if Donald Trump also knows how to run an election campaign too.

If the Republican hierarchy piss him off enough for him to dump them and run as an independent, the likelihood is that he will take a lot more than Perot’s 20 million votes.

There is always the outside chance that running as an independent third party candidate he might get enough votes under his own steam to get himself elected President, but there is absolutely no doubt he will take enough votes to ensure that the Democrats (perhaps the other Clinton) gets into the big seat in the Oval Office. Another major and humiliating defeat for the Republican Party.

Go It Alone Hints

Trump has already more than hinted that he might go it alone. He does not like the way he has been treated by the Republican National Committee during the primary season and who could blame him? Men with much lesser egos would feel aggrieved and angry.

Trump is not a stupid man, not by a long way. He knows that in previous election campaigns he was good enough for the RNC when they were looking for big dollar donations to support some of their no-hoper candidates, but now he is a candidate none of that love and support is coming his way. He admits that it has led him to consider a third party bid for the White House, so it is really up to the RNC whether they force him to take that course, or start to support a candidate who looks as if he actually has a chance of winning.

It’s not a decision Trump has to make just yet. But if things continue as they have and the RNC and their cohorts don’t wise up, it is a choice that may come sooner than they bargained for.

A third party, from the guy who fires up people’s emotions might just do enough to steal the election.




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