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GOP: The Party With 2020 Vision!

As each election campaign day passes poor Jeb Bush is looking more and more like his bewildered brother Dubya used to. He really hasn’t clue what is going on or what has happened to his “sure thing” route to the White House.

What happened can be summed in two words.

Donald Trump.

Suddenly, and for the first time in decades, the Republican Party has on its hands someone who has charisma, who is well known and popular, who knows how to work the media and get publicity and who knows how to campaign.

Since Trump’s arrival on the scene there hasn’t been a cobweb in sight in the Republican camp. Those who thought they could be a Presidential contender by coasting along with the usual dull and boring campaigning routine were forced to give their heads a good shake and start all over again.

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The Also-Rans

Unfortunately Jeb and some of his friends haven’t detected the change in the air. Like most of the others, he is still trying to be a Republican Democrat, pandering to whatever minority is flavor of the day. Everything he does and says has been carefully vetted by the party bigwigs – the people who lost the election for the GOP at the last two attempts.

The liberal media love the anointed Jeb. But they love him, not because they think he would make a good President, but because they think Hillary can beat him. Wherever possible they’ll build him up and try to pull Trump down.

The GOP strategists aren’t much better. Right now they are not spending their time and their Party’s dollars working on how best to use Trump’s obvious public appeal to their advantage. Rather, these proven failures are wasting their time and the Party’s funds desperately trying to think of ways to ‘neutralize’ Trump.

Trump gagged

2020 Vision

Yes, quite unbelievably, they are concentrating on fighting their own candidate rather than tearing strips off the Democrats and especially Hillary Clinton who is wide open for political attack on so many fronts.

As a matter of fact, the GOP establishment strategists are so dumb that they would rather get Trump out of the way than win the election. In their minds there is always next time. It really is as bad as that and they really are as bad as that.

In fact you could rightly say in this case that there are none so blind as those with 2020 vision.


The Trump Slipstream

But they haven’t got rid of him yet. Despite the war hero blunder, Trump is at the top of the GOP primary polls and appears certain to make the first GOP debate stage on Aug. 6. They’re trying to find some pretext to bar him from participating, but under Federal Election Commission rules, there is no legal mechanism for the party or the hosting network, Fox News, to ban a candidate who meets the qualifications. As well as that such a move would make a mockery of the whole process and show them up for what they really are.

Rather than do the Democrat’s job for them by attacking Trump or trying to make unnecessary excuses for things he says and does, the other Republican candidates would be better to try to create the same kind of populist appeal for themselves.

Getting into the Trump slipstream is the best way to build up the acceleration to overtake him – if they can – and win the Presidency and they won’t create so much disruption within the party doing it.





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